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Mugen Dcm Blog

2013 Entries


*In honor of the rise of games and movies in popular culture recently, tweaking mugen was the key. I've decided to keep updated the DCvM screenpack below with Characters included & upload a limited edition with characters by Buyogg, Zvitor, Wucash and other popular mugen creators. Summer Time! Stay Cool. -Marvelvsdcu

--Some 2014 character screenpack updates below for download. Check out an updated DC vs Marvel checklist from my now defunct dc vs marvel 2001 movie review page.

8/2013 Just revisiting site after DC&Marvel released some cool new popular movies such as Superman, Ironman, Wolverine, Avengers and more with parallels uncanny to the comics. It's been fun!, links will still be up for yearly updates.

11-12 Decided to touch up killer croc stance sprite, we know..we know its revisited with barely a touch-up, we were bored and figured to upload orientated mugen websites. Some DCM Games include DCUO, Injustice, MvC3, Marvel Heroes and more!..or stay old school with mugen, DCUG, ff & TCG gameplay.

   -Most of these characters are incomplete betas anyhow. Manhunter postponed 2014...expect voice recognition bubble effects new to mugen style gameplay! Also fix'd broken guido. Updated! Late 2013 update, doomsday/superman mugen characters. Merry Christmas, added Major force. Download links updated below.

A-E + screenpack, F-N, O-Z and sound+stages. Minor Late 2013 organization update: reconfigured some files into ogg, fixed bugs in some characters. Try putting the characters in the MvDC2: Capcom Edition screenpack released if you're limited to only dc and marvel. Until then, all projects are postponed due to lack of resources.

9-11 Fall Updates: Check below for minor screenpack updates of characters. In the meantime, updated screenpacks will be available! Control your favorite comic mugen characters with an xbox controller!! Fight along side your favorite enemies. Who will you defeat? Who's Next!?

12-10 Happy Holidays to all my friends! Private progress videos and playlists now available on my youtube channel. Also Check out the JSA vs Avengers video. A Thanks to all my subscribers!

-11/10 Old Flash update released. Beastboy player f'xed. Just organized for playability. Need Broken stages?, too Bad! Cosmic Carnage delayed til' next September. Here's an Idea..JSA vs Invaders the mugen game. Major postings will be on top, look for deleted links below. Was just a hobby, Nuff' Said. Enjoy.

8-10 thru 2011 Seasonal Updates! *Play this site's Mugen monthly by downloading the extras section below. Download the Complete game Right now. Check back for Quick post with updated links of my screenpack, and a Cosmic Carnage and Atom Lab stage coming Soon!!

7/10 Patriotic superheroes week on 4rth of July superpatriot updated under the screenpack dl!

5-10 Being a fond collector of comics during the 90s has had an impact on leaving this mugen site up, and was the reason for getting into Mugen as a Capcomized 1990s comic game, #1 reason for at that time the character buildups were the best. Scruffy Dragon has made the spider-man comic into this reality, check out the trailer here.

-Understandably Mugen is a great tool for new art-styles yet needs improvements on code for this to occur. Wifi uploads available with these portraits or New releases included in extras section and screenpack Compilation, Randomly Uploaded releases will have to wait until Late Summer.

*For Now, This Mugen Site will be a seasonal update for uploads. Download the full compilation Above. New releases are getting better and better for all users as well as in making toy figures for Hobbyists rather than the fluidic arcade games counterpart.

3-10 March Updates about a dozen characters added and organized in the screenpacks below for this month. Will be uploaded later this week. Look for a Fourth part alpha-beta section to download this month. For now, this website will have seasonal or random updates.

2-10 Minor releases are uploaded with the screenpack in the links below. Check out for future releases at this blog. Alphas are redone with new portraits + Ice (dubbed 'cool' version) and Gladiator regeneration fixes. Get latest Ice Update here (Whoops! uploaded wrong version last time..k, sorry)..

1-10 *GOoD NeWs Uploads are fast! Will be creating links to new releases via filefactory with the characters list soon. Just letting everyone know there are no major changes planned in mugen for the future, except maybe a new character, and screenpack updates.

10-09 Latest releases below to compile with screenpack @ a later time if possible. Currently taking commissions for complete characters, Hydroman, etc. and requests for mvc fluid capcom stance fixes. Spent an hour on a new version of the original Glstewart released, grab him here.

which are unconfirmed.

09-09 New pack of capcomized character and stage releases for this month to add to screenpack downloads includes:
Steel+Researchlab, Dark Phoenix, Omega Red, Isaiah, Green Arrow v2, John Stewart, Flash+Keystone City and a Batman update!

*New portraits for a separate download and link to replacement portrait database or just find rare characters here.

11/09: Get the latest compilation of everything updated here. Screenpack + Stages and Extras, Sound 1a Sound 1b and Char 2a Char 2b Char 2c.

*Plus tweaked overpowered 'survival mode' Gladiator back to normal mvc statis. Beastboy bugs checked. Get new links for the screenpack above. Watch Youtube videos of survival mode gladiator on my channel.

7-09 Summer (links above!) with new releases of the DCvsM phase 3 screenpack with characters!

6-09 Most Project ideas are canceled. Game's vision is there, only lacks in art-style and collaboration. Mugen releases of Frankensprites come close to the japanime originals yet not close enough ex only cartoonized capcom cvs alpha sf styles are available in Mugen not 'aggressive style' marvel xcota.
-try out screenpacks in last years entries on my old blog.

1-09 Beta 2 Hal Jordan complete (link above)
    -Restarted Brimstone with advice and HD type replacement sprites from Hellsp@wn. HD Sprites available. New Boss-type Brimstone Due...whenever.

-see older entries archived here-