Dc and Marvel Crossovers Checklist dc and marvel Checklist and Checklist
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* Amalgam Comics - Universes merge to form new beings like Dark Claw, Super Soldier, and Spider-boy
* Batman and Captain America - By John Bryne, both characters along with sidekicks Robin and Bucky join to defeat Red Skull and Joker in the 1940s. (shared continuity)
* Batman/Punisher:Lake of Fire, Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights - Two crossovers, the first with Azrael against Jigsaw and Joker and the second continues with Bruce Wayne. Art by James Pascoe and John Romita Jr. (shared continuity)
* Batman/Daredevil, Daredevil and Batman - Two crossovers, the first pit the two against Two-Face and Mr. Hyde. The second featured the Scarecrow and Kingpin
* Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger - Both fight for supremacy with Silver Surfer, the New Gods and Orion
* DC vs. Marvel / Marvel vs. DC 1-4 -(see above)
* DC/Marvel: All Access #1-4 - Access tries to hold the remnant fabrics of time from the previous series together with Venom, Mantis, Annihilus, Green Lantern, Doctor Strange, Robin and Batman guest-starring
* DC/Marvel: Unlimited Access #1-4 - Access encounters bouts with Avengers, Justice League of America, X-Men, Magneto, Darkseid, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Mystique, Sabretooth, Wonder-woman, Juggernaut and more
* DC/Marvel presents Green Lantern/Silver Surfer - against Cyborg, Parallax, Terrax and Thanos
* The Incredible Hulk vs Superman - set in the Golden Age of Comic Books, Lex Luthor uses the military's gamma-ray technology to stop Superman and the Hulk. (shared continuity)
* JLA/Avengers #1-4 - Krona and Grandmaster play a game.
* JLA #103 (1972) - Justice League unofficially team-up against Avengers on Halloween
* Marvel and DC presents: Batman vs. the Incredible Hulk - Batman encounters Hulk under Joker's control and stops his rampage (shared continuity)
* Marvel and DC presents: Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man - Spider-Man and Superman fight Doctor Doom and Parasite.(shared continuity)
* Marvel and DC presents: Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans - The X-Men and Teen Titans team up to defeat Dark Phoenix, Deathstroke, and Darkseid (shared continuity)
* Spider-Man and Batman, Batman and Spider-man - first crossover against Carnage and Joker and the second against Kingpin and Ra's Al Ghul
* Silver Surfer/Superman - Mr. Mxyzptlk and Impossible Man cause havok for Supes and the Surfer. Written by George Perez with art by Ron Lim
(wiki borrowed entries below)
*Superman vs The Amazing Spider-man:Battle of the Century: Superman and Spiderman fight Lex, and Doc Oct.
* Superman/Fantastic Four - Galactus devours Krypton (shared continuity)
Justice League of America #103 (1972), Amazing Adventures #16 (1973) and Thor #207 (1973) - Justice League unofficially team-up against the Avengers on Halloween.
Aquaman #56 (1971) and Sub-Mariner #72 (1974) - An unofficial crossover in which the Sub-Mariner tidies up some loose ends from an Aquaman adventure. Both issues were the last in their series and written by Steve Skeates.

Graphic Novels
* The Marvel/DC Collection - Crossover Classics, Vol. 1
* DC/Marvel Crossover Classics, Vol. 2
* The Marvel/DC Collection - Crossover Classics, Vol. 3
* DC/Marvel Crossover Classics, Vol. 4
* DC versus Marvel : Showdown of the Century
* The Amalgam Age of Comics: The DC Comics Collection
* The Amalgam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection
* Return to the Amalgam Age of Comics: The DC Comics Collection
* Return to the Amalgam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection
The Card Series RPG Game and Holograph Cards are also available
Marvel and DC released a card set of superheroes following the series. Most of the cards show counter-parts against each other and some show DC and Marvel Comic characters seen in the original 1995 series.
DC VERSUS MARVEL 1995 Fleer/Skybox 100 card set
* 1 -- Superman vs Hulk.......................Superman won
* 2 -- Captain America
* 3 -- Elektra
* 4 -- Hulk
* 5 -- Jubilee
* 6 -- Namor
* 7 --Quicksilver
* 8 -- Sabretooth
* 9 -- Silver Surfer
* 10 -- Silver Surfer vs Green Lantern.......................Surfer won
* 11 -- Spider-Man
* 12 -- Storm
* 13 -- Thor
* 14 -- Wolverine
* 15 -- Aquaman
* 16 -- Azrael
* 17 -- Batman
* 18 -- Captain Marvel
* 19 -- Captain Marvel vs Thor.......................Thor won
* 20 -- Catwoman
* 21 -- Flash
* 22 -- Green Lantern
* 23 -- Lobo
* 24 -- Robin
* 25 -- Superboy
* 26 -- Superman
* 27 -- Wonder Woman
* 28 -- Quicksilver vs Flash.......................Flash won
* 29 -- Abomination
* 30 -- Bullseye
* 31 -- Doctor Doom
* 32 -- Galactus
* 33 -- Green Goblin
* 34 -- Juggernaut
* 35 -- Kingpin
* 36 -- Lizard
* 37 -- Wonder Woman vs Storm.......................Storm won?
* 38 -- Magneto
* 39 -- Thanos
* 40 -- Bane
* 41 -- Black Adam
* 42 -- Circe
* 43 -- Darkseid
* 44 -- Doctor Polaris
* 45 -- The Joker
* 46 -- Aquaman vs Namor.......................Aquaman won
* 47 -- Kadabra
* 48 -- Killer Croc
* 49 -- Lex Luthor
* 50 -- Penguin
* 51 -- Archangel vs Hawkman
* 52 -- Azrael vs Sabretooth
* 53 -- Black Widow vs Black Canary
* 54 -- Blue Beetle vs Spider-Woman
* 55 -- Wolverine vs Lobo.......................Wolverine won?
* 56 -- Captain Marvel vs Captain Marvel
* 57 -- Cable vs Captain Atom
* 58 -- Deathstroke vs Punisher
* 59 -- Ghost Rider vs Demon
* 60 -- Nightwing vs Gambit
* 61 -- Human Torch vs Firestorm
* 62 -- Steel vs Iron Man
* 63 -- Hawkeye vs Green Arrow
* 64 -- Robin vs Jubilee.......................Robin won
* 65 -- Venom vs Lobo
* 66 -- The Ray vs Nova
* 67 -- Thor vs Wonder Woman
* 68 -- Warrior vs War Machine
* 69 -- Captain America vs Bane
* 70 -- Batman vs Bullseye
* 71 -- Electro vs Black Lightning
* 72 -- Riddler vs Daredevil
* 73 -- Spider-Man vs Superboy
* 74 -- Green Lantern vs Green Goblin
* 75 -- Jigsaw vs Deathstroke
* 76 -- Killer Croc vs Hulk
* 77 -- Doctor Doom vs Captain Marvel
* 78 -- The Joker vs Spider-Man
* 79 -- Galactus vs Spectre
* 0 -- Superman vs Juggernaut
* 81 -- Absorbing Man vs Steel
* 82 -- Catwoman vs Elektra......................Elektra won
* 83 -- Thing vs Solomon Grundy
* 84 -- Killer Croc vs Abomination
* 85 -- Arcade vs Riddler
* 86 -- Black Adam vs Mandarin
* 87 -- Bullseye vs Deadshot
* 88 -- Poison Ivy vs Black Cat
* 89 -- Enchantress vs Circe
* 90 -- Dr. Polaris vs Magneto
* 91 -- Captain America vs Batman.......................tie
* 92 -- Darkseid vs Thanos
* 93 -- Doctor Doom vs Cyborg
* 94 -- Two-Face vs Jigsaw
* 95 -- Green Goblin vs The Joker
* 96 -- Man-Bat vs Lizard
* 97 -- Kingpin vs Lex Luthor
* 98 -- Scarecrow vs Scarecrow
* 99 -- Mole Man vs Penguin
* 100 - Checklist

DC VERSUS MARVEL Impact 18 card set
* 1 -- Thor * 2 -- Metamorpho * 3 -- Iron Man * 4 -- Crimson Fox * 5 -- Wonder Woman vs Black Widow * 6 -- Hawkman * 7 -- Quicksilver * 8 -- Flash * 9 -- Hawkeye
* 10 - Gambit * 11 - Supergirl * 12 - Beast * 13 - Split * 14 - Cyclops vs Nightwing * 15 - The Atom * 16 - Rogue * 17 - Impulse * 18 - Wolverine
* 1 -- Sabretooth vs Azrael * 2 -- Aquaman vs Namor * 3 -- Captain America vs Batman * 4 -- Catwoman vs Elektra * 5 -- Quicksilver vs Flash * 6 -- Superman vs Hulk * 7 -- Silver Surfer vs Green Lantern * 8 -- Robin vs Jubilee * 9 -- Wolverine vs Lobo * 10 - Captain America vs Thor * 11 - Spider-Man vs Superboy * 12 - Wonder Woman vs Storm
* 1 - Superboy/Spider-Man/Spider-Boy * 2 - Wolverine/Batman/Dark Claw
  • 1996 Comic miniseries consensus: TIE although DC would have clearly won due to it's Universe being 30 years older, with more characters and at the same time having more powerful mainstream characters eg wonderwoman and lobo would have def been victorious.

  • Story vs Art? Caped vs Non-capes? Aliens vs Mutants? Cosmic Beings vs Cosmic Entities? Nuff' said. Vote Now!

    Note:Above information is taken from my previously edited research

    Dc vs Marvel Cosmic level...Who wins?
    DC Cosmic level Superbeings on Earth and in Space
    Marvel Omega level Superbeings in Space
    DC Super level beings on Earth
    Marvel Cosmic Entities in Space
    DC/Marvel Human level Superbeings on Earth
    Amalgam 'Nuff said
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    A list of DC vs Marvel space battles on an atmospheric asteroid... who wins?

  • Look and Vote! Superheroes in list must maneuver easily in space, possess cosmic level superpowers, or be sentient/team/race/realm affiliated.(randomly updated):
    Omega Men vs Star Jammers
    Galactic Guardians vs Alien Alliance
    Darkstars vs Acolytes
    Fatal Five vs Fantastic Four
    Inhumans vs Forever People
    Gl corps vs Galactus's Heralds,
    Super Skrull vs Amazo,
    Legion vs Guardians of the Galaxy
    Monarch vs Kang
    Legion of Superheroes vs Imperial Guard and Squadron Supreme
    skrull vs Kree vs Centuari vs Shiar vs Dominators vs Khunds vs Daxamites vs Tamaraneans vs
    thanagarians vs martians vs gordanians etc, etc.=universal war III
    Old Gods vs Celestials
    Promethium Giants vs Celestials
    Controllers vs Elders of the Universe
    Millenium Giants vs Celestials
    Imperiex vs Celestials
    Massacre vs Morg
    Grayven vs Sphinx
    Firelord and Human Torch vs Firestorm and Fire
    Macro-Man vs Terminus
    Brimstone vs FinFangFoom
    Silver surfer vs takion
    Robots vs Androids like:
    *Technis vs Phalanx
    *Colouns vs Phalanx
    *Citadelians vs Phalanx
    *Manhunters vs Sentinels
    *Prime Sentinel vs Grandmaster
    *Master Mold vs Highmaster
    *Nimrod vs Manhunter
    *Sentinels vs Eliminators
    *Brainiac vs Ultron
    *Metallo vs Ultron
    *Omac vs Ultron
    *Amazo vs Super Adaptoid
    *Dreadnoughts vs manhunters
    *Vision vs Red Tornado
    *Vision vs Tomorrow Woman
    *Vision vs Hourman
    *Machine Man vs Cyborg Superman
    Marvel Pantheons vs DC Skyfathers or Skygods such as Odin vs Odin in mortal form, or Zeus vs Zeus in a marvel realm such as Asgard or with odin force
    Kismet vs infinity
    Kismet vs Eternity
    Kismet vs Nebula
    Nebula Man vs Eternity
    Mogo vs Ego
    Lord Chaos vs Lord Chaos
    The grandmaster vs The collector
    metron vs watcher
    Grandmaster vs Highfather
    Harbinger vs Destiny
    Living tribunal vs Spectre
    Watchers vs Zamorans/controllers and/or oans
    Norse Gods vs Old Gods, Olympians vs Greek Asgardian Gods, etc.
    Kronos vs Kronos
    Antimonitor vs Oblivion
    Pantheon Gods (DC) vs Pantheon gods (Marvel)
    Tyrant vs Dominus
    Dominus vs Inbetweener
    Beyonder vs Extant
    Order and chaos vs Order and Chaos
    Imps vs Poppupians
    Eternals vs Oans
    Watchers vs Oans
    black racer vs silver surfer
    Stranger vs overmaster
    Maggedon vs Phoenix Force
    Ion vs Silver surfer
    Superboy Prime vs Surfer
    Firelord vs Firestorm
    Phoenix vs Strange visitor
    Gods vs Gods or Cosmic beings vs Cosmic entities eg Asgardians and/or Celestials vs Newgods and/or Millenium Giants eg pluto, sif, steppenwolf, odin vs highfather, yuga khan, thor vs orion, Valkyrior vs amazons, forever people/green lantern, darkstars, yellow lanterns or other corps, manhunters vs heralds etc on asgard and new genesis roster
    Heralds of Galactus vs Darkseid's Elite
    Proemial Gods vs Primordial Gods/New Gods eg teneburous and aegis vs ares and darkseid
    rom spaceknights vs legion
    Arkon vs Warlord
    Alloy vs Nimrod
    Kossak vs Korvac
    Kossak the Slaver vs D'ken
    krona vs granmaster (avengers/jla ref) mastermold vs highmaster
    Asmodel vs Kurse
    Hydra vs Strike force kobra, King Cobra vs Kobra, Serpent society/squad vs Blackadders
    Parasite Aliens vs the Brood
    Thing vs Martian Manhunter
    Avengers vs JLA (see Checklist above)
    JSA vs Invaders Squadron Supreme vs Justice League:
    *Hyperion vs Superman *Skrullian Skymaster vs Martian Manhunter *Doctor Spectrum vs Green Lantern *Batman vs Nighthawk *Nuke vs Nuklon *Lady Lark vs Black Canary *Green Arrow vs Golden Archer *Power Princess vs Wonderwoman *Whizzer vs Flash *Blue Eagle vs Hawkman *Amphibian vs Aquaman *Arcanna vs Zatanna *Tom Thumb vs The Atom
    Quick fights (eg Luck drawn/power inequality ala lobo vs wolverine, ww vs thor):
    *Tornado Tyrant vs Storm
    *Flash vs Spidey
    *Amazo vs Superskrull
    *superboy (clone) vs carnage
    *venom vs bizarro
    *elektra vs batgirl
    *venom vs robin
    White martians vs the Brood
    Hyperclan vs Thunderbolts
    High Evolutionary vs Brainiac
    Hellstrom vs Neron
    Proteus vs Parasite
    Shaper of Worlds vs Onimar Synn
    Hawkgod vs HawkGod
    Hawkman vs angel/archangel
    Death vs Timetrapper
    Hoth Shoggoth vs Shuma Gorath
    Great Evil Beast vs Void
    Lashina vs Hussar
    Mordru vs Abraxas
    Hunab (Millenium Guard) vs Zunan(Celestial)
    Death vs Death
    Greek Gods vs Norse Gods
    Dark Gods vs Controllers
    One Above All vs Presence (or other One God entities)
    Proemial Gods vs Pantheon Gods
    Eclipso, Nebiros, Nekron,Fearlords and other demons vs each other
    Yuga Khan vs Belathauzer
    Raan Va Dath vs Hela
    Satannish vs Diemos
    Sattanish vs Belial
    Nebiros vs Zarathos
    Batwing vs Manbat
    Demons Three vs Haazareth Three
    Cadre vs The Octessence
    Vishanti vs Triumvarate
    mangog vs brimstone
    doomsday vs mangog
    Dgrth vs Surtur
    Aztec Gods vs Primodial Gods
    Kobra vs King Cobra
    Entropy vs Sandman
    Gog vs Asteroth
    Lucifer vs Lucifer
    Asmodeus vs Desaad
    Hyperstorm vs Maggedon
    Satanus vs Blackheart
    Neron vs Mephisto
    Nameless One vs Nekron
    Nightwatch vs manhunter
    Secret Defenders vs Shadowpact
    Enchanters three vs Triarch
    Parallax (rayner) vs Carnage Cosmic
    Kang vs Lord of Time vs Time trapper vs the Beyonder vs Death vs...in the edge of time
    Kang vs Kossak the slaver
    The Enemy vs Takion
    Ignition vs Holocaust
    Modok vs Galius
    Sleepwalker vs Ragman
    Cloak and Dagger vs Hawk and Dove
    Cloak vs Phantom Stranger
    Kingpin vs Mannheim
    New Guardians vs New Enforcers such as Plantman vs Floronic man
    Devilance the Pursuer vs Sphinx
    Composite Superman vs Adaptoid Destroyer vs Manhunter
    Hercules vs Atlas
    Great Lake Avengers vs Atari Force eg Morphea vs Dinah-Soar
    Elder Gods vs Elder Gods
    Captain universe vs Infinity man
    Radeon vs Nova
    Lightray vs Nova
    Captain Atom vs Nova
    Supernova vs Major Force
    Super Nova vs Sentry
    Adam Warlock vs Parallax
    Magnus vs Monarch
    Quantum vs Atom Smasher aka Nuklon
    Tanarus vs Kobra (outranked)
    Thanatos vs Centurion (outranked)
    Auron (Supes) vs Guardsman
    Lightray vs Firelord
    Takion vs Firelord
    Waverider vs Firelord
    Imperial Guard vs Jla ie mentor vs martian manhunter, superman vs gladiator, Smasher vs atomsmasher aka nuklon, atom vs astra, Oracle vs miss martian etc
    Doom patrol vs New mutants
    Doom patrol vs Fantastic 4
    Fantastic 4 vs Excalibur Crew
    Frightful Four vs Secret Six eg titania vs knockout, Giganta vs thundra
    Feminizons vs Female Furies
    Yggardis vs Ego
    Ultimo vs Amazo
    Sentinels of Magic vs Infinity Watch
    Stardust vs Starbreaker
    Onslaught vs Imperiex
    *Valor vs Gladiator
    Valkyrie vs Wonder Woman, Thor girl vs Wonder Girl etc
    Iron Man vs Green Lantern Rayner
    War Machine vs Green Lantern Stewart
    Captain Marvel vs Captain Atom
    Captain Universe vs Captain Atom
    Waverider vs Captain Marve (originals)
    Symbiotes vs White Martians
    Star Hawk (female) vs Strange Visitor
    Starhawk vs Waverider
    Starhawk vs Starman
    Silver surfer vs Takion
    Radiant vs Captain Marvel
    Superman Prime vs Sentry
    Rama Kushna vs Mistress Love
    Onslaught vs Antimonitor
    Antimonitor vs Galactus
    Females such as:
    Powergirl vs Ms. Marvel
    Femizons vs Female Furies, Frightful four vs Secret six, Society vs Masters of evil, suicide squad vs Maruaders, Ravers vs rangers eg Titania vs Knockout, Gilotina vs Moonstone Granny Goodness vs Modom Lashina vs Whiplash Mad Harriet vs Bloodlust Speed Queen vs Iron Maiden Stompa vs Poundcakes Wunda vs Nightshade
    Black Lotus vs lady siva
    Bloody Mary vs Shriek
    Darkstars vs Nova Corps
    Nova vs the Ray
    Photon vs starfire
    starfire vs firestar
    vundarbar vs vapor
    Blue streak vs Reverse Flash
    Nuklo vs Nuklon
    Marvel capes vs DC capes such as:
    *Hyperion vs Superman
    *Gladiator vs Valor
    *Valkyrie vs Superwoman
    *Sentry vs Monel
    *Captain Marvel vs Thor
    *Big Barda vs Valkyrie
    *X'Hal vs Eon
    *Valor vs Gladiator
    *Marvelboy vs Superboy
    *Marvel Boy vs Captain Marvel Jr.
    *Justice vs Starboy
    *Martian Manhunter vs Vision
    *Starman vs Quaser
    Supergirl vs Rogue
    Supergirl vs Ms Marvel
    Valkyrie vs Maxima
    Thor vs Wonderwoman
    Green Lantern vs Silver Surfer
    Nebulon vs Starman
    Ikararis vs Lightray
    Wonder Man vs Booster Gold
    Impulse vs Wildfire
    Duo tag team/Sidekick Team ups such as:
    *Hawk vs Nighthawk
    *Dove vs Dagger
    *Darkhawk vs Azrael
    *Batman and robin vs bucky and CA
    *Spider-woman vs Bat-Woman (1st incarnations)
    *Black Spidey vs Blue Beetle (new)
    Cosmic Beings cont.
    Galactus vs Parallax
    Tigra vs Dreamqueen
    Armored Luthor vs Doctor Doom
    Lady Styx vs Lilith
    Krona vs Onslaught
    Starro vs Galactus
    Doomsday vs Hulk and Juggernaut
    Nabu vs Apocalypse
    Darkseid vs Thanos
    Makkari vs Takion
    Trigon vs Mephisto
    Black Racer vs Runner
    Scarlet Skier vs Silver Surfer
    Dark Surfer vs Scarlet Skier
    Stardust vs Takion
    Despero vs Drax
    Rocket Racoon vs Ch'p
    Floronic man vs Groot
    Gaia vs Gaia
    Gaia vs Sire love and hate
    Destiny (DC) vs Cthon
    Dormammu vs Blaze
    Count Nefaria vs Diemos
    Count Nefaria vs Count Vertigo
    Time Spirit vs Clock king
    Count Vertigo vs Mysterio
    Doctor Doom vs Lord Havok
    Everyman vs Guardian
    Mantis vs Annilius
    League of Assasins vs the Hand
    Unfair random/unbalanced randomized matches of interest:
    *Gunfire vs Cable
    *Atomic Skull vs Crossbones
    *Conduit vs Warmachine
    *Silver Banshee versus Lilith
    various Star/planet/God devourers (Atum, Galactus, Sun-Eater, Star Conquerer)vs each other
    Lobo vs Venom
    Lobo vs Juggernaut
    GhostRider vs Etrigan
    Asmodel vs Cyttorak
    Brimstone vs Surtur
    Validus vs Nimrod
    Monarch vs High Evolutionary
    A few heavy hitters such as:
    -Persuader vs Redshift
    -Bolphunga vs Morg
    -Champion vs Kalibak
    -Paibok vs Terrax
    -Turytt vs Ajaxis the lavaman
    -Terrax vs Bolphunga the unrelenting
    -Desak vs Grayven
    -Ronan the accuser vs Bludhound
    -Lobo vs Desak
    -Ahab vs Kossak the slaver
    -Grayven vs Terrax
    -Grog god crusher vs Kalibak
    -Durok vs Kalibak
    -Atrocitus vs Terrax -Tovar vs grog the godslayer
    -Tovar vs Drax the destroyer
    -Kanjar ro vs Eric the red
    -Red volcano vs Firelord
    -Drax Destroyer vs Atomsmasher
    -Balstar vs Kalibak
    -Mongal vs Nebula
    -Draaga vs Morg
    -Mantis vs Zom
    -Grundy vs Juggernaut
    -Nuklon vs Giant Man
    -Crimson Dynamo vs Rocket Red
    Killraven vs Kamandi
    Conan vs Arak
    Cosmic Cube vs Motherbox
    Heart of Universe vs Antilife entity
    Waverider vs Runner
    Gamora vs Big Barda
    Captain Atom vs Nova (female)
    Waverider vs Nova (female)
    whirlwind vs mr twister
    Vulcan vs Captain Comet
    Vulcan vs Superman Prime
    Dark Gods vs Triarch
    Graviton vs Parallax
    Stranger vs Grandmaster
    *Wolfsbane vs Timber Wolf
    *Feral vs Vixen
    magical beings like
    *Dr. Fate vs Dr. Strange
    *Morgan Le Fey vs Morgane Le Fay
    *Mordru vs Dormammu
    *Mordru vs Beyonder
    *the ancient one vs the phantom stranger
    *Etrigan vs GhostRider
    *Monsier Stigmonus vs Mandarin
    *morlocks vs warworlders
    *brood vs white martians
    *brood vs alien parasites
    *moloids vs warworlders
    *parademons vs kree
    *hive vs hydra
    *shield vs science police
    vigilantes superheroes with no powers or very few powers such as nocturne vs obsidian, or knightfall azrael vs darkhawk, manhunter vs nightwatch, batman vs moonknight, blackpanther vs nightwing, Talia al ghul vs Madame Masque, obisidan vs symbiote spidey, spidey 2099 vs batman beyond, deadshot vs bullseye, nightthrasher vs gangbuster, batwoman vs spidewoman, ragman vs sleepwalker, batgirl vs spider girl, red hood vs union jack, gladiator vs blue shield, crossfire vs deadshot, deadpool vs deathstroke etc
    Enchantress vs Circe
    Aleta vs Harbinger
    skyman vs justice
    Gladiator (at high confidence) vs Superboy Prime
    Owned Companies or cross-continuity
    *Epic vs Vertigo/Wildstorm
    or Impact vs Ultraverse or vice versa
    Teams like
    Justice League vs Avengers, Freedom Fighters vs Liberty Legion, Secret Six vs Sinister Syndicate,
    Supreme Soviets vs Soyuz
    *Hulk vs Martian Manhunter *War Machine vs Steel *Major Victory vs Captain Atom *Powerman vs Atom Smasher *Blackbolt vs Firestorm *Infinity Man vs Forgotten One *Fire vs Firestar *Hercules vs Maxima *Antman vs Atom *Spiderman vs Blue Beetle (new) *Flash vs Quicksilver *Mr fantastic vs Elongated Man *Iron Man vs Rocket Red 7 *Superman vs Thor *Mister Terrific vs Triathlon *Hellcat vs Vixen *Moon Knight vs Obsidian *Ms. Marvel vs Power Girl *Human Torch vs Lightray *Black Widow vs Black Canary *Red Tornado vs Vision *Quaser vs Sentinel *Falcon vs Black Condor *Wonderman vs Green Lantern (Rayner) *Namor vs Aquaman *Tasmanian Devil vs Beast *Sersi vs Silver Sorceress *Justice vs Captain Marvel Jr. *Sentry vs Captain Marvel *Scarlet Witch vs Zatanna *Dr. Strange vs Dr. Fate *Wildcat vs Black Panther *Captain America vs Batman *She Hulk vs Wonder Woman *Hawkeye vs Green Arrow *Firebird vs Firehawk *Black Knight vs Shinning Knight and/or Nightmaster *Superman vs Thor
    West Coast Avengers vs JLE/JLI
    Avengers vs JSA
    Freedom Fighters vs Liberty Legion
    Invaders vs Infinity Inc.
    metal men vs FF
    Doom patrol vs ff
    Teen Titans/Team Titans/new titans (east and west)/young justice vs new mutants/x-force/x-factor/gen-x
    allstar sqaudron vs all-winners squadron
    Force of July vs crusaders
    Young avengers vs Young Justice
    Crusaders vs crusaders

    Creatures with elemental powers such as plant man vs floronic man, swamp thing vs manthing, DC creatures vs Marvel monsters (angelic beings, timeline creatures, deformities, dimensions, experiments vs monsters of asgard, monster island, savage land vs Dinosaur island, skartaris etc. eg brimstone, validus, society of monsters, asmodel, against fin fang foom etc. Here Marvel plays a deeper role with monsters than dc)
    Members include:
    Whizzer vs Quicksilver Miss America vs Miss America Bucky vs Rusty Blue Diamond vs Iron Munro Jack Frost vs Firebrand The Patriot (CA) vs Americomando Red Raven vs Black Condor The Thin Man vs Plastic Man
    some others include Teams such as.. star spangled kid vs captain britain

    *Squadron sinister vs Crime syndicate *Thunderbolts vs Injustice League *Sinister Six vs Secret Six or Masters of Evil vs Injustice Gang *Female Furies vs Bad Girl Inc.*Euroguard vs Euroforce *Infinity Inc vs Freedom Force *Power Company vs The 12 *Primal Force vs U-Foes *Linear men vs Time Variance Authority
    and finally villain vs hero with same powers such as: multiplex vs multiple man, whizzer vs flash, quicksilver vs zoom, Warmachine vs Steel, tattooed man vs absorbing man etc. Who wins? my take on winner at comicboards: * Miss America (dc) * Quicksilver * Bucky * Iron Munro * Firebrand * The Patriot * Black Condor * Plastic Man
  • Updated frequently via Comicbook boards

  • *Some more human underpowered vigilante/mutant/skill type and/or patriotic-level powered superheroes and villains include (see cards list, for repeated references of overpowered and underpowered character combinations), floronic man vs plantman, vigilantes include: deathstroke vs blade, vs punisher, solo vs vigilante, bullseye/deadshot, Hood vs Hitman etc. taskmaster vs prometheus, fireball vs toro, Winter Soldier vs Red Hood, black widow and mockingbird vs black canary and huntress duo tagteam, patriot vs commander steel, Protocide vs Alpha Centurian, Super Patriot vs general glory, karate kid vs ironfist/shang chi, vigilante vs bullseye, blade vs deathstroke, Silver samurai vs Sumo, deadshot vs bullseye or deadpool/vs deathstroke vs Cable, joker vs jigsaw, batgirl vs spidergirl, batman beyond vs spiderman 2099/spidergirl, Daredevil vs nightwing/vs dr midnight, bucky vs robin, Black widow vs black canary, Wolverine vs batman, Catwoman vs Blackcat, Elektra vs lady siva, Patriots include: Fighting American vs Battlestar, Captian britain vs Agent Liberty, V vs Citizen V, Ironfist vs karate kid, Comedian vs Isiah bradley, scarecrow vs scarecrow, captain america vs major victory, redstar vs red guardian, usagent vs americommando, spiderman villains vs flash villains, Batman rogues vs Spidey rogues to name a few and so on...
    and finally the brothers vs each other.
    This is a list for the poll. For a more comprehensive list wiki stuff up. Vote now.

    My Take: My Creator-Owned Superheroes not listed are Mr. Smiley Face Man, Staroids, Argos&Aros, Algora&Alora, Thora, Dark Marvel, Black Scorpion, Crimson Star, Blackstar, Hardrock, Deathtrap, KSI agencyThe Pretender, Red Phoenix, Avora the fishgirl, Infinitor, the monster&monstress, Phaeton and Spike to name a few (copyright infringement not intended, creator owned by me! thank god). Other game creation name ideas include: Red Phoenix (Brtija), Solar (female), Phosphorus Man, Nexus (using the power or element Nexium), Moongirl (a possible Legionaire from EC/DC comics), Wildarm, White Snake, Charabis, Firestone, Skyfire/Skyflame, Flaming Star, Magnificant Girl, Hotfire, Criminal Society/Society of Criminals, Infinite Society, Flamehawk, SunChaser, The Immortals, Encountress, Intervener, Mr Metropolis, Lady Justice, Devourer, the Lard, Talganus, Taranus, the sleeper, Uranium (ref from dc universe online), Mine blaster (from transformers? idk), Gruesome, Mr. Invincible, Wildblade& Star Hue (lu star) or just 'Star'. Teams i invented such as 'The Shadow' or 'New Challengers' are up for grabs i guess or 'Teen Patrol'. Used for marvel/dc character creator games like DC Universe Online, Marvel Heroes 2015, Mugen, Web Apps such as Marvel's create your own superhero or the Freedomforce mods to even the DCUO source engine. There's no inbetweeners here (human lvl with average powers) in dc so it has the advantage, thats the wierd thing about it and DC has a 30 year head start (without a continuity and a late start with one) making it perfectly balanced for a match, moreso than say...Disney vs Warner Brothers (which ironically own both companies anyhow). Writer wise of course boring DC wins, then again, its an all tomatum. Marvel is more Atlantean and Earthly, true to its history (and fanbase) at the same time advanced in the here and now while DC is actually more cosmic scifi and puts emphasis on the past and future, Marvel kiddy action (such as cosmos or in space starwars reminiscent) is monotonous yet sometimes has its ups in storyline..albeit rarely. The late 90s alone broke into the drama villain genre for both companies later on as well where the roles are well...reversed. Fanboyism defined: Fanboys are strong in Marvel, whilst DC is more..mature. I Personally was a Comic collector for 10 years and own rare comics such as Fantastic four #41 and Submariner #2. In the 90s DC mainstream sucked, in the 2000s marvel did (ex/ death of superman storyline and ultimate marvel blag >:{). Art wise, can't really tell anymore, and characters are used in the same fashion (both leaning towards 'real-life' emotions or soap opera trash dramas). Hence Marvel is more drama orientated and DC has a stronger concept of good and evil. Marvel has the art, DC doesn't Although both borrow from each other. However, the idea is for Marvel and DC to collaborate on a Capcom style fighting game, or at least a fighting game and/or mmorpg (DCU Online, Mugen and Freedom Force came close though!). Mutants are invulnerable to Magic whilst Aliens are not, yet both use the concepts of Genetics, Evolution and Magi aka Metahumans (genetic alterations), Mutants (mutated beings or beings born with powers) and Aliens (foreign beings to earth) yet DC tends to rule towards gods as humans or human gods on earth rather than space. Both companies have a countless number of trashy misc unused characters anyhow. These names imagined and sometimes even developed are uncopyrighted and free for public use.

    Copyright Information: Valiant, Image, Darkhorse, Impact etc are not included because of continuity issues ie valiant is too drama orientated, Impact is too cartoony or goofy and Image is too non-centralized whilst Darkhorse is too realistic or violent. DC and/or Marvel are a Parallel Universe with qualities or qualifications of an Omniverse (see also wildstorm, ultraverse or separetly image comics and their crossovers), however they are regarded as a Multiverse or Megaverse, a continuity within a vast space and time dimension. DC and Marvel are collaborated under the individual trademark copyright of DC Comics and Marvel Corporation and its character names are free for use under the free-to-use act. If descriptions are needed on these creator-owned or free-for-use characters email me marvelvsdcu@yahoo.com. This website was last updated on April 2015. Nuff' Said. Thanks for looking!