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Downloads and WIPS for Mugen









 Green Lantern   

   Capcom style template

 last check Nov 2013 

beta (minor bug&pal fix )

Beta 2 completed and



     Killer croc wip

        Capcomized template project 

beta: sometime soon!

  alpha-beta @

70 percent  


Gotham Sewer Stage  



complete: Sprites,

Latest DCvsMarvel game version

 Last minor glitchfix on 5-1-08  (5.0- Complete)


  Brimstone sub-boss

  complete:  Sprites,

   Download beta version 


Beastboyv3 Second Release

         DC/Marvel template project final 

(Last Check Dec 2009)

glitches & testing complete


Joker Wip (cvs style) 


alphabeta @95 percent done (11-08)



Spiderbats DKR Batman with tweaks



   Isabel's Darkseid remixed

                Alpha-Beta for whoever  

                  is working on it.

        Infinity Hour stage 

      Better versions           Coming Soon!  

 Gladiator v3.6

Final Beta

@ 100%

Complete (most recent bug fixes)

Edits originally by Erradicator 

normal non-survival mode   (intro fix'd on 10-11)

  Phoenix saga stages 




Silver Surfer

Xboy wip on hold (indefinitely)




  Hydro Man beta

Host request by themadcook


  Iron Lantern

Edits originally by Erradicator

           complete (last check






Current WIPS 



  Crimson Fox 

  Wip status: on hold






Manhunter: Sprites

Wip status:on Hold




 White Martian

     Wip status:on Hold

 Stage  Select




Poison Ivy stage (request only) Fos:Deep Winter (link down request by creator) Rayner's lab (Cosmic Carnage coming soon!) Iron Heights stage (request only) Project Cadmus (revisit final 10/13) Gotham Square Conquest from the Stars Daily Planet (fixed broken link)   ......More in the DCvsM screenpack and character section above.  Thanks for looking!






Updates and Requests _________________________________


DcM Blog (All links are regularly updated)

9-19 Major 1000+ DCvsM char game update (last upload on 7-2021) for missing the spring seasonal add on this year. Latest file links will be up posted here with F-N & O-Z.

  • 1.15.16 Update! Get ready, a 40+ character and stage add on, all checked. Play hard to find chars like Tomar tu, Fire, Cir-el, Shadowcat, Forge & Deathstroke with new portraits.
  • -Finished Amazo, Modok, Black Panther, Abomination, Red Tornado, Non, Taskmaster, Blue Beetle, Raven, Doctor Strange, Dr Fate and others for code error checking. Watch the trailer. All Ready n' playable for mugen.

    9/2016 Update: debugged Shocker, Havok, Humantorch, Logan, Ironfist, Powergirl&Caliban.

    * Some 2018 Updates - Just revisiting site after DC&Marvel release of A-E screenpack + (sound/stages), F-N, O-Z. 1000 char&stages with active x360ce controller support specifically designed for windows 7 with dpad function here. These files will be the only updated files on this website due to lack of a filefactory premium account.

    -This seasons portraits updates will include blackmask, nova, sinister syndicate and a Clayface template to name a few. Cosmic carnage stage may be available in near future.

    It's been fun!, links will still be up for yearly blog updates:

    Minor Late 2013 organization update: reconfigured some files into ogg, fixed bugs in some characters. Try putting the characters in the MvDC2: Capcom Edition screenpack released if you're limited to only dc and marvel. Until then, all projects are postponed due to lack of resources.

  • 12-11 X-mas beta of Manhunter Project expected. Projected release date Spring 2012. 'Cosmic Carnage' a Maximum Carnage adaptation stage due sometime next year. End transmission. Bzz.
  •    -Specials for final include: Skyblast, Skylift, Timerift, Manhunter Charge!, 'Follow Subject' missile targeting, 'Criminal in Captivity' and finally Self-destruct Sequence Initiated prerogatives

    * 8-10 thru 2011 Seasonal Updates! Play this site's Mugen monthly by downloading the extras section below. Download the Complete game Right now. Random minor updates and custom dls in the dlc section above. Check back for Quick post with updated links of my screenpack, and a Cosmic Carnage and Atom Lab stage coming Soon!!

    3-11 Check out the updates to the screenpack below for this month. 2009 releases added. Over +20 new stages and a dozen characters!

    2-11 February updates in store stay tuned for revamps on the screenpack with sound. This upload below should be fluid and checked more frequently. Look here for custom controller drivers. Until then, a fully updated screenpack with capcom playable characters and popular new releases will be uploaded.

  • In the meantime enjoy the screenpack and this minor James Gordon portrait fix update with character updates in the near future.
  • 12-10 Happy Holidays to all my friends! Private progress videos and playlists now available on my youtube channel. Also Check out the JSA vs Avengers video. A Thanks to all my subscribers!

    -11/10 Old Flash update released. Beastboy player f'xed. Just organized for playability. Need Broken stages?, too Bad! Cosmic Carnage delayed til' next September. Here's an Idea..JSA vs Invaders the mugen game. Major postings will be on top, look for deleted links below. Was just a hobby, Nuff' Said. Enjoy.

    7/10 Patriotic superheroes week on 4rth of July superpatriot updated under the screenpack dl!

    5-10 Being a fond collector of comics during the 90s has had an impact on leaving this mugen site up, and was the reason for getting into Mugen as a Capcomized 1990s comic game, #1 reason for at that time the character buildups were the best. Scruffy Dragon has made the spider-man comic into this reality, check out the trailer here.

    -Understandably Mugen is a great tool for new art-styles yet needs improvements on code for this to occur. Wifi uploads available with these portraits or New releases included in extras section and screenpack Compilation, Randomly Uploaded releases will have to wait until Late Summer.

    *For Now, This Mugen Site will be a seasonal update for uploads. Download the full compilation Above. Extend the blog to look for older entries or view this full Log by clicking the link below..Backup saves are here. Got bored? See my Junk files.

    -see everything here-



            Extra Stuff

    Mugen Tips (updated!)


             First, get Mugen here and read its tutorial to install characters and stages.

             Download Mugen Editing Ensemble or Fighter Factory to create and edit stages characters and screenpacks.

             Download dwchar file and drag it to your char's sff file to have older DOS characters to work on winmugen or 

                simply make a backup in MEE or FF 

             Make sure your soundcard acceleration is low (or you have the right plugins) so mugen wont freeze or crash.

         Change sff parameters in backgrounds from '\' to '/' for Dos stages to work in Winmugen  (from Wucash0)

             Character and stage editing tips: 

    o        AIR=Animation file to edit contact

    o        CNS=Constants and/or State file to fiddle with the speed, strength, size and timing

    o        SFF=Sprite fix to swap/put sprites in

    o        CMD=Command files to change controls

    o        ACT=Pallete files to change colors

    o        DEF=Definitions file to change names

    o        SND=replace Wav sound files

             To fix palettes and sprites, organize the sprites by putting the non shared palettes in the beginning or 

                the end of Fighter Factory or Mugen Editing Ensemble.  Constantly saving sprites/changing palettes can cause 

            characters to malfunction although usually its static within the editor.  Scroll while using the pencil tool when fixing glitches.

               DEF file tip: If a char doesn't load block any unwanted parameters with the ';' symbol before the file name. You can check the bad 

                  Parameters through warnings. Usually when loading a character it will say what needs to be blocked then simply read 

                    the status in debug mode to see what needs to be fixed.

             Build concepts like these with programs like mspaint, photoshop or illustrator before making character design...           

                (Original styles arent always Capcomized because of unique types of characterizations programmers implement)

             Use Font editor and head over to Mugenation to change font types. For other programs such as character files (like the original KFM character 

                which comes with Mugen) have original code to get the hang of creating characters or use programs such as Tag Team generator for Tag Team. Algorithms in CNS usually connect one point to the other.  

             More connections and better timing create complex moves with the source code given to you by editing programs.

             Make a spritesheet with a few dozen frankensprites on one page at a time for consistency

             Make sure to include required animations and align sprites. Excluded animations usually default your character to a standing motion.

             Mugen Problems you should ignore:  Player two has a default mirrored image.  When you fly and turn, it glitches.  Mp3s in 

                   Backgrounds won't always play.  Too many characters can result in crashes.

             Test hot-pick keys, f1-12 have various functions like screen capture and win or draw

             For Coding Mugen

    o        Edit cfg files with notepad for higher resolutions and fullscreen capture.

    o        Font is for editing lifebars and stuff.        

    o        Open your def files in your mugen for extra effects such as sparks and sounds.

             Add sound from mp3 websites like this one or convert them into ogg. 

             Get a video connector, hook it up to a large hdtv (preferably Component/ HDMI), with two xbox usb controllers or try X-Mugen and have fun!  


    ****Ideas, Suggestions? Email me. Report badlinks to****



    -Frankensprites should be made with at least 500 capcomized sprites with 'aggressive' anime transitions

    -Frames should be fluid and colors not outlined specified with 4 to 6 tones in each color

    -For voice recording its good to use samples of words with up to three phrases

    -Code should be readable and follow suitable strength variation

    -There are different creative styles that use Capcom frankenspriting which make new styles. The originals are simplified comic versions.

    -Sign a petition, because remaking a Marvel vs DC game takes one exact style. :(

    -That's it for now, I'm learning myself. 



        Sources from these characters can be found on the respectable creator websites of Marvel and DC Comics .  The Mugen engine's source code is owned and created by Elecbyte.  All characters are owned by their respected creators.  Need a place to host your dc/marvel/amalgam Mugen character?  This page is updated monthly and I accept Capcom style DC Marvel betas/complete projects which follow the guidelines above.  Got voices for the unfinished WIP characters?  Send to  


    (best viewed in 1600x1200)

    Thanks for visiting!

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